Open to everyone, you don’t need to be an Ambo to join this event.

United Workers Union Pedal4Paramedics Challenge 2023

The Pedal4Paramedics Challenge is a week-long cycling event that aims to elevate the awareness of Queensland Ambulance Service Legacy Incorporated (QAS Legacy Scheme Inc.) and to raise funds for the QAS Legacy Scheme Inc. through direct donations and membership.


Brisbane to Townsville

  • Start location: Kedron Emergency Services Complex
  • Start Date: Tuesday 2 May 2023
  • Number of riders: Maximum 15
  • Number of support vehicles: 2
  • Finish location: Townsville Ambulance Station
  • Finish Date: Sunday 14 May 2023

Cairns to Townsville

  • Start location: Cairns Ambulance Station
  • Start Date: Monday 8 May 2023
  • Number of riders: Maximum 8
  • Number of support vehicles: 1
  • Finish location: Townsville Ambulance Station
  • Finish Date: Sunday 14 May 2023


The 2020, 2021 and 2022 P4P event was postponed due the declaration of a pandemic for COVID-19 which saw unprecedented quarantine measures implemented across Australia, including in Queensland where multiple outbreaks occurred in the lead up to planned events.

This 2023 event has been sponsored by United Workers Union and riders will have the option of completing a route from Brisbane to Townsville over 13 days, or a mountain bike route from Cairns to Townsville over 7 days.



Brisbane to Townsville

Day 1: (Event start) Kedron Park Emergency Services Complex to Nambour

119kms (6hrs 13 mins) with 330m elevation


Day 2: Nambour to Rainbow Beach

103kms (5hrs 37 mins) with 581m elevation


Day 3: Rainbow Beach to Childers

156kms (8hrs 2 mins) with 625m elevation


Day 4: Childers to Agnes Water

164kms (8hrs 13 mins) with 398m elevation (via Rosedale Rd)


Day 5: Agnes Water to Mount Larcom

128kms (6hrs 23 mins) with 435m elevation


Day 6: Mount Larcom to North Rockhampton

84.3kms (4hrs 8 mins) mostly flat


Day 7: North Rockhampton to Saint Lawrence

177kms (8hrs 35 mins) mostly flat


Day 8: Saint Lawrence to Mackay

156kms (7hrs 33 min) mostly flat


Day 9: Rest Day

Day 10: Mackay to Proserpine

130kms (6hrs 19 min) mostly flat


Day 11: Proserpine to Bowen

67.8kms (3hrs 16 min) mostly flat


Day 12: Bowen to Ayr

117kms (5hrs 43 min) mostly flat


Day 13: Ayr to Townsville

89kms (4hrs 23 min) with 67m elevation



Cairns to Townsville

Day 1: Cairns to Curraghmore

133km: Day 1 will commence at Cairns station and head along the highway for about 30km before

tackling the Quaid Road climb up to the tablelands. The route will follow some nice gravel roads before finishing on The Mulligan highway at Curraghmore station for the first night. 831m elevation.


Day 2: Curragmore to Dimbulah

114km: Day 2 will commence at Curragmore station and will be mostly on flat trail roads passing

through Mt Mulligan and then onto Dimbulah station for the night. 496m Elevation.


Day 3: Dimbulah to Mt Garnet

92.1km Day 3 is one of the shorter days and will be fairly flat. We travel from Dimbulah to Petford on the Burke Development Rd before heading to Mt Garnet Station for the night. 605m Elevation.


Day 4: Mt Garnet to Burdekin River

117km Day 4 will be a longer day and mostly on smaller gravel roads with some great outback scenery. We will camp overnight on the bank of the Burdekin River. 467m elevation


Day 5: Burdekin River to Mt Fox

108km Day 5 will be all off-road and will pass through the amazing Valley of Lagoons. Before

continuing to the campground at Mt Fox. Anyone with some energy left may wish to climb the

dormant Mt Fox volcano crater. 558m elevation


Day 6: Mt Fox to Camp Gelding

161km Day 6 is our big day covering 161km, We will pass through Zig Zag station and the Paluma area before leaving the dirt tackling the last 60km on Hervey Range Road until we reach our overnight stop at Camp Gelding . 1022m elevation


Day 7: Camp Gelding to Townsville

40kms. We finish our epic trek with a gentle 40km downhill trek into Townsville. 0m Elevation.


Please note, both routes are subject to change pending final approvals from TMR and QPS.

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