QAS Legacy Scheme Inc

The QAS Legacy Scheme is a registered charity and managed as an Incorporated Association by elected Board Members. It is governed by a Constitution and an annual financial audit is undertaken to ensure compliance.


QAS Legacy Scheme is run by a devoted and keen spirited team of ambulance staff to aid in the good for all ambulance families. 

All Ambulance staff are welcome to join the QAS Legacy Scheme.  There is a team of dedicated members overseeing the QAS Legacy Scheme to ensure the support and monies raised are going to all the right places.

The QAS Legacy Scheme is governed by a Constitution and an annual financial audit is undertaken to ensure compliance.

Alan Mountford

Alan Mountford – President

Board Member 2019 – My career in ambulance services spans over 30 years, having worked in a wide range of roles in a number of countries I am still as passionate today as I was when I first started about providing optimal patient care to the community. My current role is as Senior Departmental Liaison Officer to the Queensland Minister of Health and Ambulance Services.

Having spent my entire working life in ambulance and emergency services, I have the utmost respect for all my work colleagues, and as such believe that everything that can be done to assist them and their families in a time of need should be done. I believe Ambulance Legacy is at the forefront of this.

Glen Morrison

Glen Morrison – Vice President

Board Member 2019 – I joined QAS in 2015 and currently the Director, Operations within the Metro South Local Ambulance Service Network. I am also the Queensland Chair of the Australasian College of Paramedicine and hold Board appointments with the board director Kennneith James McPherson Education and Research Foundation and board director & deputy chair of St John Ambulance QLD.

Our line of work can impact us in a variety of ways and when QAS Legacy was started it was a significant step and acknowledgment that we need to support our colleagues and their families in times of their need, and if QAS Legacy can do that even in a small way to the family then we have done our job well.

Mindy Thomas – Secretary

Officially elected as Secretary in 2017, and actively supported the board and scheme since 2012. I have worked for the service since 2001 in both non-operational and operational roles. I worked in Human Resources and QAS Recruitment until 2008, when I joined operations as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher. I have held various roles within the Operations Centre environment, both urban and regional and currently an Operations Centre Supervisor with the Brisbane Operations Centre.

I strongly believe in the mission of QAS Legacy and how they support the families of officers who have passed. Over the years, I have seen how the support of QAS Legacy has positively impacted the lives of our QAS Legatees and this is why I continue to support and promote the Scheme.

Sandy Thornton

Sandy Thornton Ruddiman – Treasurer

I was elected as the Treasurer for QAS Legacy in 2019. I have worked in QAS for 19 years in various roles. I grew in Grafton in NSW, on a farm and currently live on the Sunshine Coast. I am married with 5 boys, ranging from ages 13 through to 25. I have always worked and studied and hoped that I set a good example for our kids. I also hold various academic qualifications.

QAS Legacy is important to me because I can see firsthand the difference it can make to families in a time of need. I always wanted to be in a position where I can help people, which is why I joined QAS in the first place, but now, I can take a more proactive role in being there to further assist and support families.

Amy Gomes

Amy Gomes Board Director – 2019

Drew Peters

Drew Peters Board Director – 2019

Glenn Preston

Glenn Preston Board Director

Jamie Rhodes

Jamie Rhodes Board Director – 2019

Reggie Anderson

Reggie Anderson Board Director – 2019


If you would like to join our team and become a member of the board you can contact any of the board members for more details. We welcome supporters of the scheme and look forward to caring for our ambulance families.