November 10, 2015

In September of 2015 Cairns Advanced Care Paramedic Andrea Boric decided to make Christmas epaulettes to sell to QAS personnel. This is a task that Andrea and her family have done before but the money raised was donated to another charity in past years. This year Andrea and her family decided to support the QAS Legacy Scheme. Andrea advertised to all QAS staff that she was planning to sell her very popular Christmas epaulettes and the number of replies more than met her resources. She collected as many old QAS uniforms to use as the building blocks for each of the hand made epaulettes.

The template was made and each set cut out and the embroidery machine put to work stitching the designs of Christmas trees and Baubles onto both teal and navy blue material. They were then stitched up and folded into the required shape. Someone was then given the task of ironing each set to hold them in shape. After several months of work, they were ready for shipping out to the waiting paramedics and managers. Again the whole family was involved in sorting orders, packaging them up, and shipping them off all over Queensland. For her efforts, Andrea raised very near $3000 of which she donated to the QAS Legacy Scheme.

Thank you to Andrea and her entire family for their great fund raising efforts.